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Whether you are a first-time dog owner or a seasoned dog breeder, we are committed to empowering you with the registration services, canine education, and practical resources you need. As a registry founded by dog breeders, we understand the economical and legislative challenges that breeders face. We provide ongoing support and affordable services to make the business of breeding a bit simpler. Our membership experience is equally rewarding for dog owners, including valuable benefits and resources to ensure a lifetime of faithful canine companionship.  


CKC is an all-breed canine registry and an organization comprised of educated dog owners, experienced breeders, dog training experts, and professional partners who specialize in important aspects of canine care and breeding. Established by a small group of passionate dog breeders in 1991, we have continued to provide both breeders and owners with quality canine registration services and a superior membership experience. We are dedicated to empowering breeders, educating dog owners, enhancing breeds, and supporting the extraordinary bond between dogs and humans.



Register Dogs

CKC offers a variety of registration solutions and services, providing unique certification opportunities to every owner and breeder. Whether you are registering to verify the breed of a purebred dog or you are simply interested in proof of ownership for your pet, we have the services you're looking for. Learn More

Sanction Shows & Events

CKC dog breeders and owners have the opportunity to exhibit their dogs, puppies, and breeding program and training achievements in CKC sanctioned performance events and conformation shows. These events allow dog owners, trainers, and breeders to have their dogs evaluated by a licensed and trained professional in their sport or discipline. Champion titles are permanently recorded for the life of the dog on their CKC registration paperwork, adding value and incentive to bloodlines, kennels, dogs, and breeding programs. Learn More

Publish Breed Standards

A breed standard should not just be a blueprint for a dog breed; it should be an outline for an optimally functioning organism. In addition to breed preservation, CKC is dedicated to improving the breed health and quality of our dogs' lives. Our breed standards are written to encompass all of the healthy physical attributes that make each breed unique while allowing breeders and owners the freedom to move away from detrimental and unhealthy conformation practices that have plagued purebred dogs for decades. 

Support Breeders

As a registry founded by dog breeders, we understand the economic and legislative challenges that breeders face. We provide ongoing support and affordable services to make the business of breeding a bit simpler. In addition, CKC also offers special programs exclusively to CKC breeders that allow them to better their breeding programs and our blog also provides a section of articles and resources designed just for dog breeders. Learn More

Keep Records

CKC maintains accurate and secure records in order to provide owners and breeders with documented ancestry on certified pedigrees, breeding history, reports of produced offspring, points earned by canines, and championship titles and certificates.

Educate Dog Owners

By empowering owners with practical canine education and training, we hope to strengthen the bond between man and man’s best friend. In addition to publishing great canine care resources and articles on our blog, CKC also publishes a monthly newsletter filled with canine tips, contests, and seasonal information. We also write and produce other publications for dog owners, which are included in some of our packages and services. Read Now

Advertise Puppies

CKC provides an affordable, search-optimized platform to advertise puppies online, including multiple advertising and display options, as well as an easy contact form for interested customers. The puppy listings are simple enough for anyone in the market for a pup to navigate, regardless of whether they are looking for a particular breed or still trying to decide. Learn More

Train Affiliate Clubs

Affiliate clubs are local groups of like-minded individuals who want to get their communities involved with dogs. Affiliate clubs come together to host fund-raisers, raise awareness, hold practice and training sessions for various disciplines, offer community education and outreach, host fun events, and put on CKC-sanctioned events. They partner with CKC and other affiliate clubs to help build up dog-friendly communities in their areas. Learn More

Why Choose Us?

Joining our club is more than a decision. Becoming a member of CKC is a lasting and rewarding experience. CKC combines quality canine registration and record-keeping services, unlimited educational resources for dog owners, economical breeder programs and incentives, unique canine products, and packages with excellent customer service to ensure that the needs of every member are met. To learn more about membership benefits, click the link below.


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