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Mike Roy

Mike spent most of his youth in Marksville, a small city located in the northernmost part of Avoyelles Parish. He eventually left Marksville to become a student at Louisiana State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in 1986. As one of the original founders of CKC, Mike became the club’s president in 2002, and he has been tirelessly overseeing and guiding the growth of the organization ever since.

Mike has been happily married to his wife, Kathy, for nearly 30 years, and the couple shares three wonderful children: Jennifer, Josh, and Nathan. As a true outdoorsman, Mike enjoys working with dogs, fishing, and duck hunting in his free time.

Brandy Roberts
Administrative Manager

A lifelong resident of Denham Springs, Brandy graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University with a degree in accounting and a minor in management.  After earning her CPA and working in public accounting for 15 years, Brandy came to CKC in 2010 to broaden her skill set. 

In her free time, Brandy enjoys music, gaming, watching DIY and ASMR videos, and spending time outdoors.  She also enjoys  a wide variety of cuisines but only if it’s vegetarian!  She loves to travel, and some of her favorite spots are the beach and the mountains.  

Although her home is currently only occupied by felines, Brandy was raised with dogs (Sheltie-collie, Yorkshire terrier, and lots of loving mutts)!  She looks forward to the company’s BYDW (Bring Your Dog to Work) Benefit to catch up on the canine love she’s missing at home!

Customer Service Manager

A south Louisiana native, Domenica joined CKC in 2004 when she saw the ad posted in the classified section of the newspaper!  She loves working for us because of how we value our employees and customers.  

Domenica enjoys spending her free time listening to music and being outdoors.  She especially loves to kayak and hang out at the pool or beach with her family.  She adores spending time with her husband and their kids and hopes to always be the role model for them that her parents were for her.   Domenica also loves to try new foods, but her favorite is pasta.

Development & Training Manager

Crystal joined CKC right out of high school when she learned how we help breeders.  She loves working here because of the positive impact we have on the canine community.  Since joining us,  Crystal has held many positions and used each as a learning experience.  She draws inspiration from a quote from Carl Sagan, “For me, it is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.” 

Crystal enjoys spending her free time with her family outdoors exploring nature and cooking.  She also loves painting and writing.  Her favorite foods include foods from Greek, Mexican, American, and Italian cuisines.  

Crystal is a dog-mom to four dogs,  Rougarou an Akita, Chub a Jack Russell Terrier, Juwy a "Texas Heeler," and Etouffe', an American Hairless Terrier.  She also raises French Black and Blue Copper Marans chickens. 

Correspondence & Training Specialist

Raelynn was born and raised across the midwest but now proudly calls Louisiana home. She has held many positions here at CKC and has used them all as opportunities to grow more professionally, learn new skills, and find new things to love about our business. 

When she isn’t working, Raelynn enjoys crafting and reading. She also loves to host dinner parties for her friends and family and spoil her nieces and nephews. She loves to spend her time watching LSU baseball and gymnastics, as well.  

Raelynn recently married her husband, and together they have two dogs, a German shepherd named Oy and a hound mix named Mambo.

Accountant & HR Specialist

Jessica came to CKC to gain professional experience while finishing her degree but decided to stay once she graduated because it felt like home. She loves the teamwork that happens daily and how much the company values its employees. She is also very proud of completing her MBA and buying her new home!

Jessica enjoys spending her time away from work outdoors and crafting. She also loves to travel to the mountains and beaches for vacations. She loves all the different experiences she gets to have when exploring nature, especially the flowers and sea breezes. 

Administrative Associate

Sara has lived in Denham Springs, Louisiana, for the past 27 years and found her way to CKC while looking for opportunities to grow professionally. She is a mom to 2 grown children and has 3 beautiful grandchildren. She loves spending time with them and how big their holiday gatherings are.

Sara loves to spend her free time outdoors, adventuring, reading, and watching football. She enjoys living in the now and understands that life is not promised beyond the current moment. One day, Sara hopes to vacation in Italy but enjoys visiting the mountains and relaxing on the beach until then. Her favorite foods include chocolate, Mexican foods, and Italian foods.

Project Development Specialist

Jennifer found her way back to CKC through her family. On a professional level, she is most proud of her ability to help small brands make a big difference. She uses strategic marketing, common sense, and beautiful design to achieve this. On a personal level, she is most proud of her son, Silas. Jennifer loves the thoughtful, kind, and determined young man he is becoming. 

When she isn’t working, Jennifer enjoys cooking, music, reading, and many other activities. Her ideal vacation would be relaxing on the beach or enjoying the mountains. She loves her husband, and her son, redoing old furniture, and fishing. Jennifer describes herself as an extrovert, loyal, and a high achiever. She has a dog named Parrish. She looks forward to raising her son, traveling the world, and running her own business someday. 

Her favorite quote is, “Nothing will work unless you do.” -Maya Angelou

System Support Specialist

Originally from Plaquemine, Louisiana, Chelsea moved to Walker at 13 and has remained here since. She loves CKC because of the work environment, her coworkers, and the flexibility of her job.  

When she isn’t working,  Chelsea enjoys spending time with her husband and their kids. She is from a large family and enjoys spending time with them as well. If she could,  Chelsea would vacation to Disney World every year, but she also loves to relax on the beach. 

Quality Control Analyst

Patricia was raised in Walker, Louisiana. She and her husband raise their 3 kids here as well! She has been a part of the CKC family for over 12 years!  

When she’s not working, Patricia can be found cheering on her daughters' softball teams at the ballpark. She enjoys reading, sports, and chocolate! Her ideal vacation would be anything from driving up to the mountains, relaxing on the beach, and camping. Patricia also enjoys food from many different cultures, including Chinese, Italian, and Mexican!

Customer Service Representative

Jackie is a loyal CKC employee who began working here 16 years ago. She loves the atmosphere of the company and how they treat its employees. Jackie is an animal lover, and she and her husband have several pets including 2 dogs, 2 turtles, and a goat. 

Jackie enjoys spending her time away from work fishing, crafting, and being outdoors. She also loves to spend time with her family and friends. Jackie is a mom to 2 sons and has 4 beautiful grandchildren. She is very thankful for her mom teaching her how to be responsible with money and what a good work ethic is. Jackie lives by the idea of living every day as if it were your last.

Customer Service Representative

Mary was born in Hammond, Louisiana but now lives in Walker. She loves working in our customer service department and being able to provide help to customers. She was drawn to work here at CKC because of her love for dogs.  

When Mary isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 beautiful daughters. She often can be found cheering her daughters on at softball games and cheer events. She also loves vacationing in the mountains and making memories with her family.

Customer Service Representative

Born and raised in Watson, Louisiana, Weston joined us at CKC during the pandemic but has always wanted to work with dogs. She often recalls watching dog shows on TV as a young girl and being inspired to learn as much as she could about dog breeds.  

During her free time, Weston loves to be creative in art and crafting, adventure outdoors, and reading. She is a mom to 2 beautiful boys and strives to be the best role model she can be for them. Her dream vacation with them could include anything from relaxing on the beach to going to Disney World, adventuring in the mountains, and even just staying at home with them on a staycation. Weston is also a dog mom to an American Pitbull Terrier named Ember.  

One of Weston’s favorite quotes is said by  Matthew McConaughey, “Life is not fair, it never was and it is now, and it won’t ever be. Do not fall into the trap. The entitlement trap of feeling like you’re a victim. You are not.” 

Customer Service Representative

Amber is originally from Maine. She lived there until 2009 and then moved to Louisiana. She has worked in retail for a few years. She was a dog trainer for a retail pet store and decided she wanted a job that still involved dogs and pet parents.

Outside of work, Amber enjoys listening to music and socializing. She’s traveled all over the US, attending concerts. She’s even been to South Korea! Her favorite foods are American, Italian, and Chinese. Amber loves dogs and has an 8-year-old Yorkie named Tuck. She says he is spoiled rotten. Her favorite quote is, “nevertheless, try to remind yourself in spite of unfortunate circumstances; there will be good to come.”

Customer Service Representative

Susanna’s love of dogs and animals, in general, brought her to CKC. She is proud of the fact that she raises chickens and rabbits. Susanna loves seeing her little farm grow! The person she admires most is her fiancé. She loves that he is hardworking and dedicated and can make her laugh even on her bad days. They both love animals. Susanna loves dogs, cats, horses, goats, and all other animals. 

When not working, Susanna enjoys crafting, cooking, gardening, photography, and reading. She says her ideal vacation would be relaxing on the beach, camping, in the mountains, or even on a simple staycation. She is proud to be Mexican/American. She loves the food, culture, and music. Susanna is originally from Saint Louis, Michigan. “Go, Sharks!”

Production Clerk

Born and raised in Walker, LA, Taylor has loved Louisiana with all her heart as long as she can remember. She feels God brought her to CKC at the perfect time in her life. She hopes to accomplish a wonderful career with laughs and growth within the company.

When not working, Taylor enjoys gaming, music, and the outdoors. Her ideal vacation would be going to Disney World or skiing.

Her favorite quote is "God will always be with me because I'm a tough old bird." -Taylor's Grandma.

Computer Maintenance Technician

Born and raised in Denham Springs, Aidan was introduced to CKC through his mom, Domenica. He joined us to expand his IT knowledge and gain experience in his field. He is incredibly thankful to his mom for both helping him gain experience and for supporting him and his siblings.  

Aidan enjoys spending time with his family in his free time, especially finding new ramen places with his brother. He also enjoys playing video games and listening to music. His favorite vacations include camping and going to the mountains. Some of Aidan’s favorite foods are watermelon sour patch kids, Chinese food, Italian food, and seafood.

Production Coordinator

A valued member of our team, Kim, says she came to CKC by luck! She loves spending time with her husband, kids, and wonderful grandbabies.

When Kim isn’t working, she enjoys getting away to the mountains, camping, and visiting amusement parks.  She loves to try new foods but does not have the palate for overly spicy foods.  

Production Clerk

Natalie was drawn to CKC because of her passion to learn about different dog breeds. She loves her two children, her husband, and of course her dog. Natalie admires her grandmother because she is a hard-working, loving, and independent woman. Her hope for the future is to expand her family and continue to be happy and healthy. 

Outside of work, Natalie enjoys photography and socializing. She loves dogs and fish. Natalie’s favorite kind of food is Mexican. Her ideal vacation would be relaxing on the beach. Natalie’s favorite quote is, “When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine.”

Customer Service Representative

Originally from Walker, Hanna is excited to be a part of the CKC team. She has 2 cats named Salem and Luna and 2 dogs named Roscoe and Ripley. One thing she’s very proud of is buying her new home! 

When not working, Hanna enjoys gardening and reading. Her ideal vacation is sightseeing in cities, going to Disney World, or amusement parks. Her favorite quote is, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” -Gandhi

Development Associate

Erika loves being at CKC. She knows God lead her to work at CKC to grow in her gifts and help the company grow. Professionally she is proudest of her creative creations and fundraising skills and how they’ve helped ministries and nonprofits grow. Outside of work, Erika likes to craft, game, and garden. She loves Chinese food, Greek food, and seafood. Her ideal vacation would be camping, sightseeing, or Disney World.

Erika has a bubbly personality and wants to leave a legacy of love and spark a light in peoples’ hearts to help them fulfill their God-given dreams. Her favorite quote is, “Whoever saves one life saves the world entirely.” Thomas Keneally, Schindler's List.

Market Research Analyst & Marketing Specialist

Originally from Sugartown, Louisiana, Alyson moved to the area to attend LSU. She joined CKC as a way to explore different branches of marketing. She loves the atmosphere of CKC and how friendly her coworkers are. She is very proud of a brand she created to help her mom with trips overseas for students.

Alyson enjoys spending her free time playing music, crafting, and antiquing. She also loves spending time with her family, friends, and husband. She enjoys vacationing in Disney World, on the beach, and exploring cities. Her favorite quote is “The only days that we have wasted are those in which we did not laugh.”

Media Designer

Grant was born and raised on the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain in Covington, Louisiana. He was drawn to CKC because of the small company feels and the creativity his position offered. He loves growing and developing his creative and professional skills while he works.  

When he’s not working, Grant loves to play video games, read, and be outdoors. He also loves to be with friends and family and watch movies. While watching movies, Grant often finds himself analyzing how each component affects the overall experience.  

Copy & Proof Specialist

Sarah was raised in Central, Louisiana. She was drawn to CKC because of her love of dogs and the opportunity to turn her creativity into a career. She’s excited about learning new things and the chance to grow professionally.

In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, art, music, cooking, gaming, and being outdoors. Her ideal vacation is anything from a staycation to relaxing on the beach or hiking in the mountains. She loves going on adventures with her husband and spending time with family and friends.

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