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Articles and Press

6/10/2016 News
CKC Staff Writer
A British bull terrier who has spent her entire life in a shelter is getting a second chance at happiness with the help of action-film director Michael Bay. ... Read more
5/27/2016 News
CKC Team
In observance of Memorial Day, CKC's main office building will be closed on Monday, May 30th.... Read more
5/5/2016 News
CKC Staff Writer
World's oldest dog, Maggie passes away peacefully at age 30.... Read more
4/7/2016 News
CKC Staff Writer
An abandoned dog’s luck turned around last month after he was discovered by a police officer investigating a vacant home in Baltimore.... Read more
3/22/2016 Event
CKC Staff Writer
CKC's newest affiliate club, Every Dog Club, will host their first conformation show on April 23rd... Read more
2/29/2016 Press
CKC Staff Writer
CKC is now offering Pro-ID Mini Microchips, the better microchipping and animal management solution.... Read more
2/4/2016 News
CKC Staff Writer
A new strain of canine influenza is spreading across the United States.... Read more
2/1/2016 Event
CKC Staff Writer
Download the Puppy Training and Handling Presentation from the Gulf States Professional Dog Breeder Seminar... Read more
1/20/2016 News
CKC Staff Writer
Calling all dog breeders in or near the Gulf States!... Read more
1/4/2016 News
CKC Staff Writer
From chasing off bears to surviving a 100 ft jump, we combined the dog news of 2015 into a few bullet points. ... Read more
12/2/2015 News
CKC Staff Writer
In February we shared a story about an 85-pound beagle named Kale Chips. Find out how he's doing now.... Read more
11/16/2015 Event
CKC Staff Writer
The results for the Douglas Farms Fall Invitational are in. ... Read more
11/4/2015 News
CKC Staff Writer
Through genetic-engineering, Chinese scientists have created dogs with twice the strength of their average canine counterparts.... Read more
10/7/2015 News
CKC Staff Writer
Fort Worth native, Eugene Bostick, has discovered a way to spend his free time while keeping his rescued dogs happy.... Read more
9/22/2015 Event
CKC Staff Writer
Don't miss out on the last Continental Kennel Club sanctioned dog show of 2015!... Read more
9/14/2015 Press
CKC Staff Writer
Effective October 1st, 2015, kennel registration service rates will increase.... Read more
9/2/2015 News
CKC Staff Writer
Dog lovers and animal activists in Southern California are calling for action after four dogs were found with severe burns, likely caused by a chemical or acid.... Read more
6/15/2015 Event
CKC Staff Writer
The results are in for the May 9th Douglas Farms Summer Show!... Read more
6/9/2015 News
CKC Staff Writer
How would you react if you saw a dog locked in a car on a hot day? For Desert Storm Veteran Michael Hammons, it was a no-brainer.... Read more
5/1/2015 News
CKC Staff Writer
The results are in for the Douglas Farms Spring Show!... Read more

Britain’s Loneliest Dog to Appear in Transformers V


Memorial Day Closure


World’s Oldest Dog Passes Away at 30


Police Officer Rescues Abandoned Dog


Every Dog Club Hosts First Conformation Show


Now Offering Pro-ID Mini Microchips and Packs!


New Strain of Dog Flu Now Documented in 25 States


Presentation Download: Professional Dog Breeder Seminar


Gulf States FREE Professional Dog Breeder Seminar


A Pawsome Year In Review: Top Dog News of 2015


Update: Kale Chips' Journey to Good Health


Event Results: Douglas Farms Fall Invitational


Chinese Scientists Genetically Engineer Dogs


All Aboard the Doggie Train!


Douglas Farms Fall Invitational to Be Held October 17th


Breeder Notice - Increase in Kennel Registration Rates


Four Dogs Found Burned with Acid in SoCal


Event Results: Douglas Farms Summer Conformation Show


Dog-Saving Veteran Cleared of Criminal Charges


Event Results for the Douglas Farms Spring Conformation Show


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