Flying W Farms American Mastiffs™


We are the foundation breeder of the American Mastiff and a CKC Preferred Breeder. THE AMERICAN MASTIFF looks nearly identical to the English mastiff in color, shape, size, etc. however, they have a much dryer mouth due to out-crossing early on in the history of the breed. They are very much the "gentle giant."

These wonderful dogs love children and are totally devoted to their family. Wise, kind and gentle, they are patient and understanding, very loving with their own people. They are accepting and non-aggressive to your friends, visitors (and the postman), however if anyone threatens their family, especially the children, this dog will gladly give its life defending them. 

We insist on our puppies going only to loving homes where they will be part of the family.  They are easily housetrained using the same training methods used for any puppy. They need to live in the house and be part of the family. They are content and happy when with their family. For more information and waiting list info please look at our website.

Breeds: American Mastiff
Zipcode: 45661
State: Ohio

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