Significant Changes to Registration Rules

Litter Registration

We now require documentation of the sire’s registration if it is NOT owned by the breeder:

  •  “A copy of the official certificate of registration for the canine must be submitted with the signed Litter Application Form. The sire owner listed on the certificate of registration must match the signature on the Litter Application. Additional documentation may be submitted, such as a pedigree.”
  • “If owned by another CKC member, the breeder must submit a copy of the sire’s official CKC registration certificate obtained from the sire’s owner.

Limited Registration

CKC is opening limited registration up to all its members. Preferred Breeders will continue to enjoy this benefit without any changes, but now all members can take advantage of this selling point.

  • “Breeders may limit the registration of any puppy they produce if they are active members of the Preferred Breeder’s Program or pay the registration fee and register the puppy to themselves (the breeder) as ‘limited’ before it goes to the new owner. The new owner will then complete a transfer of ownership according to the rules.”

PAW Registration

CKC may reject a PAW application with or without cause.

  • “PAW Registration Applications may be rejected outright with no evaluation at CKC’s sole discretion, with or without cause. In these cases, no evaluation will be done and your payment and pictures will be returned to you in full.”

There are many reasons that a dog presented may not qualify for this program. CKC reserves the right to refuse to evaluate a canine submitted if, in our sole opinion, we do not think the dog is a good candidate for the program. In these cases, the applicant will receive a refund of the PAW registration fee and corresponding application materials.

Canine Registration

We now require documentation of ownership as well as breed documentation for canines registered with alternate breed verification.

  • “A Canine Registration Application must be accompanied by documented proof of registration with CKC or another CKC-recognized registry. Approved documentation of ownership are:

-a copy of the official registration certificate or equivalent as defined by CKC’s Registration Policies and Procedures

-copies of the sire and dam’s official registration certificate or equivalents as defined by CKC’s Registration Policies and Procedures.”

Under the new rule, proof of registration of the parents/canine, as well as proof of ownership, is required. Certificates and other acceptable documentation provide proof of ownership and breed and are reliable in verifying the accuracy of our records.

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