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Continental Kennel Club is dedicated to providing every breeder, owner, and dog with a superior membership experience. In order to live up to our promises and standards, we've worked hard on renewing and updating our Rules & Regulations. These updates expire May 31st, 2020.

1. Anyone using CKC registration applications or forms must abide by all current CKC registration rules, guidelines, policies, and procedures. Upon successful registration of a dog with CKC, the registration applicant becomes a member of CKC. CKC members may access all of CKC’s registration services and participate in any programs, events, competitions, or seminars sponsored by CKC.

2. Application for registration with CKC must be made on a CKC original application or form. Anyone representing a dog/ puppy as eligible for CKC registration must deliver the proper CKC registration application to the new owner at the time of sale or transfer. The new dog/puppy owner must immediately submit the registration application to CKC with the appropriate fees in order for CKC to certify the registration.

3. Anyone representing puppies as eligible for CKC registration must have the dam (mother) of the puppies registered with CKC. In addition, the sire (father) of the puppies must be registered with CKC or another CKCrecognized registration organization. If both the sire and the dam are owned by the breeder of the litter, both parents must be CKC registered. Anyone representing puppies as eligible for CKC registration must provide each new puppy owner with an original, signed CKC Puppy Registration Application.

4. A dog with CKC-registered parents or parents which are registered with another CKC-recognized organization is eligible for registration with CKC. The dog’s owner must use a current CKC Canine Registration Application and provide a copy of the applicant dog’s registration papers or provide the registration papers of the applicant dog’s sire and dam. Any dog submitted to CKC using the Canine Registration application must be of a breed that is currently recognized by CKC. The applications must be returned to CKC with the proper documentation and fees.

5. Any dog owner, in good standing with CONTINENTAL KENNEL CLUB, of a non-registered purebred dog, which is at least 1 year of age, may apply for registration through CKC’s PAW Evaluation Program using a current CKC PAW Registration Application. Only purebred dogs of accepted CKC breeds may be considered for registration under the rules and guidelines of the PAW Evaluation Program. CKC reserves the right to reject any dog, approve any dog, pend any dog for additional documentation, or suspend any dog submitted for evaluation.

6. CONTINENTAL KENNEL CLUB accepts registration applications for processing and issues registration certificates based on the accuracy of the information submitted by the registration applicants, and CKC accepts no liability for any inaccurate, false, or fraudulent information submitted on registration applications.
a. CKC reserves the right to refuse registration to any person or to revoke or suspend the club member status of anyone who is convicted of a crime of cruelty to animals in any state, province, or country. 
b. CKC reserves the rights to refuse registration to any person or to revoke or suspend the club member privileges of any member who acts in a manner that CKC deems unethical, fraudulent, or dishonest. 
c. CKC reserves the right to investigate any club member to insure compliance with CKC registration rules, guidelines, policies, and procedures. Members determined to be at fault of violating any of CKC’s registration rules, guidelines, policies, or procedures are responsible for all fees incurred by CKC’s investigation, including, but not limited to: DNA testing, PEA testing, and any other tests conducted by CKC. 
d. CKC reserves the right to refuse registration to any person or to revoke or suspend the club member privileges of any member who refuses to cooperate with or hinders in any way a CKC investigation or refuses to reimburse CKC investigation fees as described in Rule 6c.

7. CONTINENTAL KENNEL CLUB registration applicants and certificate holders acknowledge that all CKC registration applications and Certificates of Registration (once issued) remain the property of CKC and must be surrendered upon demand. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of each dog owner/breeder to notify CKC of any changes in a dog’s registration status such as its death or change in ownership. When transferring ownership of a CKC-registered dog, the certificate holder must sign the back of the certificate and enter the new owner’s name and address. The New Owner must also sign the certificate and return it to CKC with the transfer fee.

8. In cases of questionable parentage of any CKC-registered dog or applicant for registration, CONTINENTAL KENNEL CLUB will recognize and act upon the results of DNA testing to determine the parentage of any dog(s) in question. The DNA testing shall be conducted at a CKC-recognized DNA testing facility, according to current DNA testing procedures as set forth by CKC, at the expense of the party, or parties, contesting or challenging the parentage. All owners/breeders of CKC-registered dogs agree to submit their dogs for DNA testing at CKC’s request and agree to abide by the results of said tests.

9. All purebred dogs registered with CONTINENTAL KENNEL CLUB must be 'of proper breed type', which is in addition to purebred status. In cases where the breed type of a CKC-registered dog is in question, CKC will recognize and act on the results of Photo Enhancement Analysis (PEA) testing to determine if the dog in question is of proper breed type. PEA testing shall be done according to current CKC testing procedures as set forth by CKC and at the expense of the party contesting or challenging the breed type of the dog. Any breeder or owner of any dog(s) registered with CKC whose breed type is challenged as not being 'of proper breed type', agrees to submit his/her dog(s) for PEA testing at CKC’s request. All CKC members and registration applicants agree to abide by said PEA testing results.

10. A dog which is revoked by CKC may not be listed as the sire/dam of a litter or transferred to a new owner. The registration for a dog shall be revoked by CKC where it is determined by CKC that:
a. DNA tests proves the dog to be of different parentage than of that represented on the dog’s registration application; or
b. PEA testing indicates the dog is NOT 'of proper breed type' for the breed of dog listed on the dog’s registration application; or
c. False, inaccurate, fraudulent, or questionable information has been discovered with respect to the dog’s registration application; or
d. Continental Kennel Club requests DNA testing, PEA testing, or pictures of the dog and the dog’s owner does not comply; or
e. A registered dog is determined by CKC to be aggressive and dangerous.

11. CONTINENTAL KENNEL CLUB registration applications submitted by two co-owners will be registered in both owners’ names. Co-owners have equal registration rights with Continental Kennel Club. Application for registration made by minors (persons under 18 years of age) must have a parent or legal guardian as a co-owner of his/her dog(s).

12. Names of dogs registered with CONTINENTAL KENNEL CLUB must not exceed thirty (30) characters, including spaces and punctuation marks between words. Furthermore, names of dogs that CKC determines to be objectionable, including but not limited to names determined to be obscene, shall not be permitted.

When CKC certificates are issued to an applicant, a current set of CKC Registration Rules will be issued to the certificate holder. The certificate holder will be presumed to agree, follow, abide and comply with the current CKC registration rules, guidelines, policies, and procedures, as if he had signed his/her name and set his/her seal to these registration rules, guidelines, policies, and procedures in the same manner as with any binding agreement, unless within thirty (30) days from the date of receipt of the certificate and the copy of the then current CKC Registration Rules, the certificate holder returns the certificate to CKC for a full refund of registration fees.

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