Continental Kennel Club Statement Concerning the Coronavirus Outbreak

Statement Concerning the Coronavirus COVID-19 Outbreak

We are doing our best to keep business moving as smoothly as possible while keeping our employees safe amidst this global health concern.   While we are taking precautions for our team at CKC by allowing as many people to isolate as possible, we will continue to serve you, our members. 

  • We have set up remote operations for our call center as well as many other employees. You may hear some of our employee's children in the background since schools are closed.
  • Each employee is capable of getting emails and receiving phone calls.  
  • We will have access to your historical records and documents relating to your accounts and canines.
  • We are able to process applications and transactions.
  • Please be aware that we will continue to strive to maintain an excellent turnaround time, while still upholding the safety of our employees and members, some services and products may be delayed.
  • Online registrations have been and will continue to be the fastest turn around option.  Puppies that are registered online are processed the following business day.
  • We will continue to maintain the date for which we are processing applications that were received in the mail.  You can always find this date in the bottom left corner of our website and this is updated daily.
  • Effective Friday, March 20, in the interest of public health and the health of our remaining on-site employees, our office will be closed to walk-in customers.  We will continue to serve you through our other contact methods and social media. 
  • Vendors should make deliveries prior to 2:30 PM or make alternate arrangements.
  • We will post new information here as news unfolds.

It is our intention to maintain the highest standard of customer service and communication. Be assured we are here to help and be an asset to you. Do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work hard to accommodate our customer’s needs. Thanks for choosing Continental Kennel Club and we hope you (and your pups) stay safe!

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