Rainy Day Dog-Walking Essentials

Your furry best friend needs exercise just as much as you do! You might consider staying indoors if there’s a chance of lightning or hail, but if rain is the main issue, then go ahead and take your four-legged buddy for a walk. Both of you will benefit—especially with the rainy-day dog-walking essentials on this list.

Dog Raincoat

The golden retriever is one of a few breeds blessed with water-resistant fur that keeps the skin underneath dry—so long as you brush it every day. But unless your dog has a naturally rain-repellent coat with a protective undercoat, you might want to think about a doggie raincoat.

If you think that your dog might appreciate a raincoat, be sure to take measurements so that you get a good fit, and double-check return policies if you order your dog’s raincoat online. Your dog should be able to move comfortably in their raincoat; if not, he’s likely to cringe every time he sees it. While there are definitely some great raincoats for dogs, there are also quite a few that don’t work as well as they may look!

Doggie Boots

If it’s muddy, slushy, or icy outside and there’s a risk that your dog’s feet might not stand up to the elements, you may want to consider a set of doggie boots. These aren’t necessary for all dogs, but those with sensitive paws might appreciate the effort.

All the Normal Stuff, Packed in a Water-Resistant Bag

Unless you’re keeping your walk short and sweet, you’re going to want to bring a few essentials along. You really don’t need anything special. Treats, a spare leash in case your main one breaks, and a roll of poop bags for cleaning up after your pet are great to have. Pack some fresh drinking water if you’re going far from home, along with a collapsible drinking bowl.

Driving to the Park or a Hiking Trail? What to Pack in the Car

If you and Fido are heading out to a favorite destination, you’ll want to bring a good hiking harness for your dog and a few towels along for wiping muddy paws and wet fur, plus a few trash bags or laundry bags to hold wet items. There are even cat harnesses available nowadays, so you can even bring your kitty too!

Add a comfy blanket to keep your car’s upholstery and you’ll be all set! (Oh, but make sure your dog is well trained before unleashing him or her on a hike.)

Staying comfortable: Essentials for your rainy day dog walk

Now that we’ve got your dog’s needs covered, let’s talk about items for you. An umbrella, poncho, or raincoat will help keep you dry, and if you’re not into wearing hoods, a hat with a brim can do a pretty good job of keeping water out of your eyes. Even a baseball hat will work!

Remember to dress for the temperature. If it’s cold, you might want to wear a few light layers, along with a pair of comfortable, water-resistant boots. If it’s warm and you don’t mind getting your sneakers wet, your usual walking shoes should be just fine, along with a comfy t-shirt and some lightweight shorts or workout pants.

With just a little bit of forethought and a couple of essentials, your rainy day dog walking adventure can be just as much fun as a walk on a day with more pleasant weather!

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