Does the Type of Water Your Dog Drinks Matter?

Dogs are popular pets because of their unending friendliness and capability to love on their owners, which means that there are countless dog families around the world. Like with children, people raise dogs differently. Not everyone will have the same standards of care.

Some people raise their dogs to live mostly outside, enjoying the yard and running their energy out all day long. Other dogs are used to lying around on the couch and even sleeping in the same bed as their owners.

When it comes to care, every dog owner wants the best for his or her pup, but sometimes accidents happen. Your dog might grab a snack off the counter that’s not good for her or chew up something that isn’t food.

These things can be unpreventable, which is why owners are typically careful about making sure that their dogs get the best of what they can provide. Healthy food and treats are a given, but have you considered how your dog’s water bowl might be affecting her health?

Water from the sink is used for everything from washing dishes to filling up glasses, so people might not think twice before using it as the regular place to get their dog’s drinking water.

Read on to learn why your tap water might not be so good for your dog to rely on and why you might need to switch to something different.

Water Minerals Can Damage Their Health

Your tap water may come out clean and clear, but that doesn’t mean it’s good to drink. There are many minerals that could be in your water that you can’t see without special equipment. If your water is high in things like iron or magnesium, your dog could be at risk for health issues later on at life.

The safest thing to do is to test your tap water. That way you know what’s in it and if you should get a filtration system to protect the health of you and your pup.

Dogs Need Water For Many Reasons

Everyone grows up hearing about how the human body is mostly made of water, which makes it so important to drink. Dogs are the same way, but water helps them in other ways, too.

Water lubricates the joints and cushions the spinal cord, so there’s pain free running and jumping. If your dog is a puppy, it’s especially crucial that they get lots of water since it helps with the breakdown and digestion of food. Dogs should always have access to water, but only if it’s safe for them to drink.

Give Your Dog the Best H20

Your water test might not come back with the results you’d like, or maybe you’d like to stay on the safe side even without a test.

You can get a filtration system that meets your needs to keep your dog healthy and happy. Many people use handheld filters or attach them to a faucet, and either way will work great! Just make sure that your filter has the right NSF certifications before you buy it. Any filter product should have one on the outside of the box for easy recognition and reassurance.

Water is one of those things that is easy to take for granted. You always have access to it through your sinks, showers, and hoses, but it’s not always as safe to drink as you might believe.

To ensure that your dog is drinking water that’s actually good for her, get a reliable filtration system that will last in the long run or get your water tested at a local plant.

Get to know what you’re drinking and what you’re giving to your dog so you don’t let unknown minerals harm your favorite furry friend.


Emily is a freelance wildlife conservation and pet blogger. To check out more of her work, see her blog, Conservation Folks, or follow her Twitter account @emilysfolk.

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