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    TSA Plans to Use More Floppy-Eared Dogs in the Future

    The TSA recently announced plans to deploy more floppy-eared dogs to airports and less pointy-eared dogs in the future. The agency hopes that the use of friendlier-looking breeds will lower travelers’ airport anxieties, but some dog lovers are calling the move discriminatory.

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    5 Tips for Handling a Veterinary Emergency While on the Road

    If you’re planning to go on a trip with your dog, you need to be properly prepared to handle anything the journey might bring, including emergencies. Here are five tips for handling a vet emergency on the road.

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    How to Travel With Your Pet on a Long Trip

    Traveling long distances can be difficult enough, but if you decide to bring your dog along without proper preparation, a fun trip can quickly turn into an unmitigated disaster. Read on for some tips to keep a long trip with your dog fun and less stressful for the both of you.

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    Top 5 Amazing Ways to Help Your Dog Like Car Rides

    Let’s face it: getting your dog to go for a ride isn’t always the easiest task, especially if your dog associates car rides with potentially stressful locations like the vet or the groomer. Thankfully, there are actions you can take to help ease your dog’s mind when it comes to car travel. Here are five amazing ways to help your dog better enjoy car rides.

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    The Ultimate Guide for Traveling with Your Dog

    Nothing beats the joy of heading out on your summer vacation—unless you plan to bring your dog along for the trip, of course. Check out this handy guide to turn a great vacation into the ultimate summer outing with your canine companion.

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