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    Is Your Dog’s Food Safe? Euthanasia Drug Recently Discovered in Dog Food Prompts Recall from Major Brands

    A Washington woman’s New Year’s Eve turned to tragedy when four of her dogs became gravely ill after consuming a can of Evanger’s wet dog food. Last Friday, the FDA warned pet owners that dog food from a number of popular brands had become contaminated with a drug commonly used in the euthanization of dogs, cats, and horses.

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    How Pets Find Their Way Home with Microchips

    While we would like to think that our dogs would never run off and get lost, the reality is that hundreds of dogs leave their loving homes every day, and some won’t make it back. Thankfully, microchipping has come a long way in the last few decades, and now lost dogs are being reunited with their owners more than ever before thanks to this life-saving technology.

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    How to Spoil Yourself and Your Pupper This Christmas

    Christmas is almost here. Your dog may have made it onto the Nice List, but you shouldn’t wait around for the big guy in the red suit to swoop in with the presents. Instead, read on for some stellar gift ideas that your dog will surely love.

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    Dog Owner Diaries: Christmas Gifts for the Dog Lover

    Looking for some last-minute gift ideas for your favorite dog owner this Christmas? Well, if your friend is the type who has everything, why not surprise him with a gift that both he and his dog can enjoy?

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    10 Awesome Gifts for the Pug Fanatic

    Do you love pugs? Are you looking for some fun new ways to spruce up your living space? If you answered yes to either of those questions, check out these top 10 gifts for the pug fanatic!

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