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    WATCH: 5 Spooky Stories of Ghost Dogs

    Is there really such a thing as a ghost, let alone a ghost dog? While no one can say for sure, many believe that those who have departed, including pets, may stick around in one form or another to haunt the living. Join Krist and Devin as they discuss some of the spookiest canine tales around—just in time for Halloween!

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    WATCH: 10 Insane Dog Laws

    In this episode of Talkin’ Dogs, Krist and Devin discuss 10 insane dog laws that are so out-there, you won’t believe they’re real!

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    Staying Calm When Your Large-Breed Canine Is Acting Naughty

    If you have a large dog, you’re probably already familiar with the many ups and downs that come along with it. Thankfully, these tips will help you deal with some of the special challenges that owning a large-breed dog can bring.

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    WATCH: Topi the Corgi Celebrates Halloween in Style

    Topi’s got a spooktacular new video out for Halloween. Watch it, if you dare!

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    WATCH: Bone Appétit: Dog Kibble as Cereal

    There’s no prize in this cereal. Only pain.

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