Ten Dog Christmas Gifts

Need some Christmas ideas for your dog or a friend’s dog this year? We have exactly what you need! Here is a list of ten Christmas gifts for a dog!

1. CKC Dog Training Clicker

Know someone getting a puppy for Christmas or maybe an older dog that could use a few manner tips? With the New Year not far away, why not try for a new resolution with training? Clickers are a great way to train with sound association to reinforce positive behaviors easily. It is lightweight, small enough to be held in your palm, and comes in various colors. 

2. Explorer Backpacks for Dogs

You plan out a great adventure. You’ve got water, snacks, a map, first aid – everything you’ll need to enjoy your time. Your dog needs certain things too, but your bag might already be full, so what do you do? With an Explorer Backpack for your dog, you don’t have to worry. They might not be able to carry a lot, but they can help out! These packs are durable, designed for even weight distribution, and provide a secure fit with maximum comfort in mind for your dog. 

3. The Art of Drawing Favorite Pets

We love our pets and have a picture (or ten) of them somewhere in our home or workplace. Impress your friends by learning to draw your pet during the holidays or drawing someone else’s as a great, personalized gift with this step-by-step instruction guide by Mia Tavonatti. 

4. Puppy Memo Pad

Dogs make us happy – in person and in pictures. Put some extra happiness in your day with Puppy Memo Pads. These 2” x 3” pads make taking notes and jotting down ideas just a little more fun. And they make great stocking stuffers too!

5. LSU Tailgate Kennel Mat

Keep the inside of a kennel, your house, or your car clean with these waterproof, washable LSU mats! They come with a specially designed absorbent pad inside to stop big messes so that you can have more fun supporting your team with your dog. They come in various sizes, so don’t stress about having to bring your dog places.

6. First Aid Gel for Dogs

Accidents happen, and it’s good to be prepared. EMT First Aid Gel comes in a one-ounce tube that, when applied, helps to prevent bacterial infection, soothes, deodorizes, and reduces potential scarring and bleeding. It is non-toxic, easy to handle, and conforms to any wound site. Ensure your dog is taken care of in the case of cuts, hot spots, scratches and abrasions, and more. 

7. Pawtizer

Pawtizer is an antibacterial paw spray. It comes in an eight-ounce bottle and kills 99.9% of germs that may linger on a dog’s paws. It is alcohol-free, hypoallergenic, vet recommended, and contains Bitrex to keep a dog from licking its paws, helping decrease the spread of germs even more. 

8. Cleansing Towels for Pets

Amigo Pet Cleansing Towels are designed to be an easy and convenient way to remove dirt and debris while adding shine to any coat and keeping your pet smelling fresh! They come in an extra-large size so that you can make sure your pet is covered!

9. Zanies Lovely Lobster Dog Toy

With Christmas, there are presents! Spoil your dog this year with a Zanies Lovely Lobster Dog Toy. This toy is cotton and polyester in the shape of a fun lobster with a sweet floral pattern. It contains a squeaker and is seven and a half inches long – perfect for any size dog. It is available in blue or pink.

10. Evertuff Peanut Butter Dog Bone

Fun treats at Christmas are a must! But this treat for your dog will do more than just satisfy a sweet tooth. JW Pet Nylon Bones are a safe, non-toxic chewing toy that can be filled with peanut butter or other dog treat fillers to engage your dog’s instinct to sniff, find, and chew. This toy also has other benefits. It is the perfect gift for any teething puppy or tough chewer since it is made from durable material. It helps with a dog’s dental health, and it can keep them from adopting destructive behaviors by chewing on this instead of on things they shouldn’t!

You can check out all of these products and more on our website. We also have another blog post that lists ten other great Christmas gifts for dogs if you need more ideas. Everybody deserves some Christmas cheer, and these gifts are sure to be a hit! Merry Christmas to you and your fur-ever friend this holiday season!

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