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Why Choose CKC?

Experience the convenience of having all of your dogs registered in one place. CKC accepts registrations from several approved organizations. See if your current registry is accepted by checking here.

CKC offers exclusive discounts to breeders. By registering a dog and becoming a member of CKC, you'll have access to special offers and discounts on registration, such as low-priced per dog kennel rates, or special discounts on many great breeder products like Pro-ID microchips and many more from our online store. Over the course of your dog's lifetime, you could save thousands of dollars on dog registration and supplies.

CKC is dedicated to making the registration process hassle-free for breeders. By offering free litter registration, discounted kennel rates, a 5-day turnaround on paperwork, easy dual registration, convenient online registration, and live customer service representatives, you'll save time and money that you can then devote to bettering your breeding program.

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  • LITTER registration HERE.
  • CANINE (adult) Registration HERE.
  • Individual PUPPY Registration HERE.
  • KENNEL Registration HERE
  • RULES for Registration HERE
  • Compare and save! See our Service Fee Structure HERE
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